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mysqlmymonlite.sh – gather MySQL & Apache, Nginx web server information stats in less than 12 seconds !

Mysqlmymonlite.sh is a simple bash shell script which allows the end user to gather alot of MySQL and Apache, Nginx web server related information for troubleshooting or optimization purposes. It literally takes less than 12 seconds to obtain all the information I listed below for ./mysqlmymonlite.sh run as an example.

MySQL Benchmarks – MySQL 5.0.92 vs 5.1.55 vs 5.5.10 vs Percona 5.1.55 vs Percona 5.5.8 vs MariaDB 5.2.5

It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity and access to a 64 cpu core monster server with Quad Intel Xeon L7555 1.86Ghz Nehalem-EX processors and 64GB DDR3 memory! Yes, technically it’s 4×8 = 32 physical cpu cores with additional 32 virtual cores via Intel Hyperthreading. I’d like to thank...