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vBulletin folks will know me online as George Liu aka eva2000.  Since July 2001, I have worked at vBulletin.com in a technical support role.  Come July, it will be my 10th year at vBulletin.com, so I decided that it’s long overdue that I setup a personal blog and the domain name  vbtechsupport.com. vBulletin tech support has been a large part of my life, so the domain name pays homage to this fact.

I’ve spent a majority of these years at vBulletin helping vBulletin customers optimising their vBulletin web and database servers’ hardware and software configurations – ensuring their forums run at optimal performance. I’ve also done alot of private paid hardware and optimisation specific consulting for such vBulletin customers when they need more extensive help beyond what vBulletin official support could provide.

I have literally delved into hundreds of vBulletin server setups and it has been an interesting learning experience all the way.  If you happen to be a past customer I have consulted for or assisted with your vBulletin forum servers, drop me a line as it would be good to hear how your forums have gone over the weeks, months or years.  I’d like to compile a testimonial page eventually on this site.

Personal blog purpose:

The purpose of this personal blog is to allow me to express my personal thoughts and learning experiences related to all things vBulletin/non-vBulletin server performance.  Lately, I have been testing and playing around with wonderful web accelerating technologies such as Litespeed Cache and Varnish Cache to boost vBulletin forum server related performance, so this blog would be a great place for me to put thoughts down on paper so to speak.

Note vbtechsupport.com is not affiliated in any official capacity to vBulletin.com.  So if you have vBulletin technical support questions, please head on over to vBulletin.com.


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