Google Analytics Page Timings and Secondary Dimensions

Google AnalyticsPage Timings can become an obsession for some page speed fanatics like myself. But how many folks actually break down the default Page Timings display by Secondary Dimensions such a geographical location such as City, Continent, Country/Territory and Language?

Some interesting page timing speeds are reported once you break down by geographical locations. Below results are for my web site which is hosted from a cluster of load balanced VPS based web servers in USA based Las Vegas, New Jersey and Seattle locations. Notice the wide ranging page speed timings depending on the visitors geographical location.

So the next time you look at your Page Timings remember to break them down by location for a more accurate indicator of your site’s page loading speed.

Google Analytics Page Timings Secondary Dimension options

Page Timings secondary dimension options

Page speed timings by Continent

Page Timings secondary dimension continent

Page speed timings by Country

Page Timings secondary dimension Country

Page speed timings by City

Page Timings secondary dimension City

Page speed timings by Language

Page timings by Language



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