Google Chrome 11 vs Firefox 3.6.17

Time to try out Google Chrome 11 web browser. Mozilla Firefox web browser has been main browser for years now as there’s certain Firefox add on extensions I can’t live without. But Firefox 3.6.17 is getting bloated with it’s memory consumption.

Installation of Google Chrome 11 (11.0.696.68) was easy and all my Firefox 3.6.17 bookmarks were imported correctly – even the order of my Firefox bookmark toolbar folders were imported intact and exactly as organised in Google Chrome 11’s bookmark bar! Saves me so much time in reorganising my Firefox bookmark toolbar’s folders.

Google Chrome 11 is very fast for page loading compared to Firefox 3.6.17, this browser I can definitely get use to once I find all the Google Chrome Extensions that match Firefox add on extension’s functionality. I am pleased that Firebug, Yahoo Yslow and Google Page Speed extensions are available for Google Chrome web browser though as those are my most commonly used web page speed optimisation tools.

So far I’ve added the following Google Chrome 11 extensions, if you have other suggestions feel free to add your comment reply below.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17 vs Google Chrome 11


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