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mysqlmymonlite.sh install & usage video

Just uploaded a new video to mysqlmymon.com showing how to install mysqlmymonlite.sh script to gather server stats in less than <12 seconds. In fact probably takes longer to copy and paste the output ! Best viewed in full screen HD mode.

Nginx install script, PHP 5.3.17 (php-fpm), MariaDB 5.2.12, Xcache v2.0.1, APC 3.1.13, Memcached server, CSF firewall, Siege Benchmark, Python 2.72

Centmin v1.2.0 – Nginx install script for CentOS servers by BTCentral has been updated and released incorporating alot of my modifications which were made to Centmin v1.1.0 base here. I’ve updated my modifications to use Centmin v1.2.0 and higher as a base. Centmin v1.2.0 has fixed my modifications to work with...

Nginx install script, PHP 5.3.6 (php-fpm), MariaDB 5.2.6, Xcache v1.3.1, Memcached server, CSF firewall, Siege Benchmark

Centmin Nginx install script for CentOS servers by BTCentral was mentioned previously here. I’ve modified the script to suit my needs for Nginx v1.0.2 web server installations on CentOS 5.5 64bit environments, adding MariaDB 5.2.6 MySQL, Xcache v1.3.1, Memcached 1.4.5 servers, CSF Firewall as well as Siege benchmark script support. Note...