Varnish cache 4images Image Gallery Management server port

Another script I installed on a Varnish caching frontend, 4images Image Gallery Management had a similar server port work around fix as with vBulletin v4.1.2. 4images Image Gallery Management script when installed with Varnish cache as frontend, led to resulting image urls being defined as To fix this so Varnish cache worked with spitting out the right for image urls, I had to edit global.php at line 379


$port = (!preg_match("/^(80|443)$/", getenv("SERVER_PORT"), $port_match)) ? ":".getenv("SERVER_PORT") : "";


$port = (!preg_match("/^(80|82|443)$/", getenv("SERVER_PORT"), $port_match)) ? ":".getenv("SERVER_PORT") : "";

4images Image Gallery backend port for Varnish

I guess working with Varnish cache, you have to pay attention to particular scripts served!


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