Spinrite v6.0 level 1 hard drive surface scan diagnostic test

Spinrite v6.0 is now my favourite disk tool to have after saving my 640GB Samsung HD642JJ main OS drive from bad sector heaven. Not only did it fix the bad sectors, it allowed me to backup and clone the data off the hard drive – something I previously thought was not possible.  I thought I’d show Spinrite v6.0 in action. I created a bootable USB flash drive and loaded Spinrite.exe onto it and then rebooted and at DOS prompt typed spinrite to start it up.

My replacement hard drives arrived – 2x 1TB Western Digital WD1002FAEX Black Caviar 6G SATA and 2x 2TB Samsung HD204UI so thought I’d check them with a Spinrite Level 1 surface scan to be sure.  Screenshots of Spinrite v6.0 level 1 surface scan test and disk benchmark below.





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